Help! STACH Med-Surg or LTACH

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Hi, everyone.

I don't have any acute care experience and have been offered two positions and am having difficulty deciding between the two. I may need to make a decision as soon as two days from now!

Which one should I choose: short term acute care (STAC) med-surg or LTACH med-surg?

My ultimate goal is to work in an STAC ICU.

So which one would you choose? Will one get me to an STAC ICU faster?

I appreciate any help!

Just to add: the STACH med-surg position is 6 hours from where I currently live, so I would have to move.

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If your goal is hospital based ICU, your best bet would be the hospital based med surg floor. However, weigh the pros and cons of each offer before deciding. Look at things such as length of orientation, staffing, skill mix, support from management, patient ratios etc.

Hi! My goal is also the same as yours. I currently work at a LTAC hospital. Many of our patients are status post MVA, stroke, respiratory failure, etc. Many of them are on vents, have trachs, need blood transfusions, get IVP meds, need IV antibiotics, PICC lines, NG tubes, TPN, etc. I didn't realize I would learn so much in this setting. I've never seen someone on a vent on a med surg floor. Good luck!

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