HELP! So many roads, not sure which to take


Graduated summer of last year, I now have officially six months of registered nursing experience under my belt. I have landed a PACU job now training into the OR. I absolutely love it as it is an outpatient surgery center-GI cases, ENTs, plastic surgery and pain management and the learning is invaluable. No nights, no weekends and pay is so great. And of course having a chance to train in the OR is priceless. However I've still been putting in applications with the hopes of landing a PACU/OR position with a larger hospital but my experience is still short and will probably have to wait another six months or more before more doors can open. In the meantime I received an interview for a transitional care unit. I realized I missed the umbrella of disease process and various nursing skills, and as a new nurse perhaps this will further increase my opportunity for acute care experience. I was never one to be on med/surg, I specifically wanted telemetry, but now being out of it I miss the bedside. But at the same time I'm loving surgery. I also have an offer for a nonprofit organization in the major city to be a clinical nurse for the elderly population per diem. Whatever job I choose to stick with I can keep that...sorry for the long post, I'm just so confused as to what path I choose. I've been given these great opportunities and I'm not sure which to stick with.

For those out there, can you give any advice or any input would be great. I am also currently working on my MSN in clinical nurse leadership and management. The wonderful thing about nursing is the countless opportunities but all these roads are leaving me with a huge question mark as to where to go. Thanks in advance.

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Stick with what you have for at least a year. It is that simple.

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Hi there! You have much more work experience than I do (I graduate a BSN program in April), but I have a pretty good chance of being hired in the OR where I was an extern over the summer when I graduate. I am so excited about that...but I am doing my senior preceptorship in post-partum/nursery and I am so excited about that, too, especially as a lactation counselor hoping to become a lactation consultant. I have no idea which way to go but have settled on doing one full-time and the other PRN. I don't even know if that is possible, especially as a brand new nurse -- but I know I love both and I would love the experience in both with the opportunity to cross-train to L&D later. Many of the hospitals in my area are LDRPs, so the OR experience will be helpful as well as the post-partum/nursery experience. I just wanted to let you know that I understand the struggle. The OR is a fascinating place with invaluable specialty experience that no one can take away from you. With those hours, and it only being 6 minutes from my home at a beautiful facility - I know I can't turn it down...but I don't want to give up my other love either. I plan on taking a PRN Lactation or post-partum position to keep my toes in the door and get some gentle experience while I hone my OR experience. I certainly hope that is a thing. Like...I really hope it's a thing. lol I hope you can do something similar and let me know it works!! One of the nurses in clinical yesterday told me she was management at another hospital, but tele was her passion so she does this PRN. I thought that was so cool. Best of both worlds!