Help!!! So Confused!!!!


Please I need your advice!! I am one semester away from obtaining my BSN with a GPA of 4.0; I was offered a direct entry to an msn program CNS (critical care). The University of Puerto Rico is willing to waiver the two year requirement (work experience) because of my high GPA. I am so confused at what I should do!!! I have always believed that prior experience before entry to an msn program is a must. My previous plans was to start my career in trauma and after 2 years go back for my msn. I spoke to the director of the nursing dept at the university and she told me not to worry that this program would help me start in trauma better prepared. And it would not matter if I started out in trauma with a bsn or msn I would still be considered a nurse with no exp but with a msn behind me in the future it would pay off. Forgot to tell you my msn degree would only cost me about $6000 in total!! Please I need your feedback!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO????????

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Congratulations on your 4.0...that's awesome. Sounds like an offer that you shouldn't refuse.

Will you work while you're in school? Because you'll be getting experience that way. Also, when you get your MSN you don't necessarily have to use it right away, you can get your experience and then use later. At least this way it will be out of the way.

If you waited two years would it still be $6000.00?

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I think you may have an inaccurate idea of the difficulty of being admitted into an MSN program. It isn't - difficult that is.

With your GPA, you will be "automatically" admitted just about anywhere. However, most US schools require clinical experience before enrolling in a clinically oriented MSN program. These programs are NOT designed for newbies. They are geared toward clinically competent (experienced) nurses. The curriculum is advanced clinical content - you will probably end up absolutely lost and your GPA will wither like a pierced balloon.

Also - most hospitals are getting increasingly desperate for MSNs - they are likely to come up with a very attractive tuition reimbursement package for you.