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Help me with self scheduling ideas!

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I'm finally off orientation and very stoked about creating my own schedule! I need some help though designing my perfect work schedule. Could you please give me some suggestions?

Our policy has us working at least 3 weekend shifts per 4 week period. Ours weeks start Sunday and end Saturday. I love having 3 days in a row with 4 days off. Here's what I've considered so far.

I could work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday every week and have those 4 days off. But ideally I'd like a full weekend off to visit my family. But that's where I start getting confused and crunching my 3 in a rows too close together. I don't want to get stuck working 3 days on, one off, and another 3 days on.

What works for you?:confused:

wound warrier

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I would suggest to be more flexible and keep an open mind. You may not get what you want all of the time, and should not expect this. I would bet my bottom dollar that not all of the staff on your unit will get what they want. Like I say, life is not written in stone, so why should your schedule be.


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Doing 12's can be tiring, but I used to do my weekend (we had to do every other with 12's)... Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun... two off... Then Wed, Thurs... and then OFF until the following Thurs. It was really awesome, if you have the energy for it.

Depends on the shift. If it is night shift, then get your work day done in a row. You will usually lose the first day to sleep. I work every weekend. Good luck. Maybe finding a schedule buddy, who wont mind switching with you, and you them. Scheduling is a work in progress. You will find yourself continually tweaking it. Good luck.


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