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Help this School Nurse!

Bailey246 Bailey246 (New) New

I currently work at a charter school in Ohio. The job is okay. Not stressful, I,m my own boss, great hours,however the pay is absolutely horrible and with high benefits to pay also. I really wanted this to work. Now I have been offered a job with wonderful pay and excellent benefits at a Drug Rehab facility which I have been working per diem for the last year. I enjoy the school job better,but this job not horrible. After a lot of thought, I cannot decline this position.

Heres my problem. All charter school employees sign a contract stating I would have to pay the school 3000$, Yes 3000$ if I leave before school year ends. Has anyone encountered this, is this truly legal!? I maybe can understand teachers leaving beginning of year and causing havoc, but 150 applicants applied for my position when first hired, so it would not take very long to fill this position. Everyone has same contract.

I appreciate any advice or help on this matter.

Thank you

halohg, RN

Has 25 years experience.

Maybe negotiating an ending date to coninside with overlap of a new hire may mitigate their losses. Have an attorney review the contract if need be or you are not able to be flexible with your notice. If faced with something similar in the future you can add notes or cross such statements out.