Help with resume (graduate May 2011)


Can someone help me suggestions on how to fix a resume........... graduate in May, FNP, all of my experience is as a RN...... .. not sure how to lay it out.. wording..... etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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When I first graduated that's all I had too. I just emphasized my problem solving, ability to quickly size up a situation and ability to handle emergencies on my own.


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Below is a modified, and unformatted version of my resume, I have removed all of the specific information and just left the shell. I have found that it has been well received.



Family Nurse Practitioner



Registered Nurse



Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Basic Life Support

Public Health Nurse


: MSN – 2007 – 2010

o Clinical and didactic focus in emergency medicine

: BA 1999 - 2002

: EMT 2002

Student NP Clinical Experience:

: Emergency Department

o Emergency assessment

o Gynecological exams

o Incisions and drainages, suturing

o Radiology interpretation

o Bedside ultra sound

: AIDS Center

o Primary care with a HIV positive population

o HIV management

: Orthopedics

o Detailed orthopedic examinations

o Joint injections and aspiration

o Orthopedic imaging interpretation

: Pediatric Primary Care

o Primarily Spanish speaking community

: Primary Care Clinic

o Free primary care to the uninsured

: Pediatric CT Cardiology

o A better understanding of congenital cardiac abnormality

: Global Medical Primary Care in Panama

Work History:

: RN. registry.

o Staffed many of the bay area emergency departments

o Quick adaptation to new surroundings

o Confidante with many forms of charting

o Smooth integration into established healthcare teams

: EMT.

o Critical Care Transport

o Assisted in EMT training programs

: EMT Ski Patrol.

o High angle rescue team

o Avalanche rescue team

Teaching Experience:

: Teaching Assistant. Nursing Assessment 2010

o Lead weekly case scenario

o Proctored exams

: Teaching Assistant. Pathophysiology & Pharmacology 2008

o Lead discussions, answered student questions, and conducted study sessions

o Grade exams and evaluate student performance

o Taught both entry-level masters students and bachelors students

Continuing Education/Conferences

: “Improving Patient Outcome with Effective Pain Management” Chris Pasero, MS, RN-BC, FAAN, Spring 2008

: “Universal Health Care System: International Nursing Perspective” UCSF Spring 2008


: California Association of Nurse Practitioner

: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

: American Assembly for Men in Nursing - Bay Area Chapter, founding member

: MANE (Men Allied for Nursing and Education), founding member

: Green Team, founding member