Help with resume after getting fired..


Ok, so i got fired during my probationary period, they gave me an invalid reason. It was a mistake that i did not even do..

The day before i got fired i got yelled at a nurse in front of other nurses and cna's around, she was slamming things. She was angry at me because i did not finish my work in my miscellenous task but not related to patient care. But i was so busy on my shift that the time they came in im still passing my meds and that nurse could not understand that. So the next day i spoke to my DN and told her about that because my husband is a nurse to at a hospital and told me i shud not be yelled like that its unprofessional and its a kind of harrassment. After speaking to my DN the next day i got fired and i asked them the reason why 3x and could not answer me and when i insisted to ask them why they told me that mistake.. And i did not even do it , in fact i never handled that mistake they are saying..

Up till now i still feel sad because if it were my fault i would accept them firing me. But it was a mistake that i didnt even do so i feel bad about it.

So im out looking for a new job should i still put them in my history pf work? And what will i put in under reason for leaving?..

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1. If you were fired while on probation, then I do not believe that you need to include that position on your resume.

2. Spellcheck is your friend. Use it.