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I used to write good papers. Then I got into nursing school. I thought my paper in Nursing 110 was well written and well thought out, but I got a bad grade on it. But thats just background information.

I have an 8-15 page paper to write about a patient I cared for that had pneumonia and bronchiectasis. I need 3 nursing journal articles that discuss this topic. They must be no older then 5 years.

I think the hardest part is the research articles. None of them seem to have what I need. I need nursing care planning, communication / nurse client relationship, and understanding client behavior. The articles need to address these things and it would be helpful if they were related to my client and topic.

Honestly respiratory assessment seems so self explanatory and all the lung disorders pretty much manifest the same way. Check vitals, listen to the lungs, head to toe assessment, ask the patient how they feel and about their history. boom that's not even a paragraph! ugh! I was wondering if any of you have any advice or if any of you did really well on papers like this one? I want to get at least a C+ on it. It has absolutely nothing to do with the test average I need to get to move on to Nursing 212 but it's 20% of my grade.

Any advice helps.

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Have you tried asking the library staff at your college? Usually there's a librarian on hand that is amazing at helping students to find this kind of thing!

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Would this help? Google Scholar

Best wishes!