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Help with Private Health Insurance

Hello everyone,

I come to you all this time with a difficult question.

I have been granted a 457 Visa to work in NSW and the time has now come to choose a Private Health Insurance. HealthStaff recommends BUPA but I have been shopping around and having a look at IMAN and some others.

To say the least I´m pretty confused....

It might sound a bit naive but it all goes pretty much over my head with limitations of cover, waiting periods and it feels difficult to find out whats different between the different Companies.

I´m single, I´m 26 and I have no previous illnesses, can anyone help me with their own experience in this matter?? Has anyone had any problems with either IMAN or BUPA??

Help, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!:wink2:

augigi, CNS

Specializes in Critical Care, Cardiothoracics, VADs.

I have never heard of either of those companies. I have NIB health insurance (singles package which includes hospital stay and "extras" including dental, physio etc).

You can compare many health funds here: http://www.iselect.com.au/

gwenith, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU.

Don't forget that unless Spain has an "agreement" with Australia you will need to get a comprehensive insurance.

Spanish Nurse,

I'm reading my contract that came today from Australia. It says that I need to buy private insurance. I don't know yet what company would be the best, but already know that... " Reciprocal Agreements is only with 8 countries-- New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Malta, and Ireland. Under these Agreements, residents of these countries have restricted access to Medicare while visiting Australia".

If you're not from these countries--get good insurance with a good coverage. That's what Gwenith advises, too.

ive never heard of the ones you mention either. im with GMHBA and im happy with it

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