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Help me to prepare to enter the nursing school!

Hi, how are you doing?

I am now taking pre-req in a community college in Texas.

I am getting nervous as the day I am going to nursing school comes.

I am really confused with the different pre-req for each nursing school I would like to go.

TWU, UT-Arlington, UT-houston are the schools I am applying for.

I took A&P I (Biology 2401), Biology1406, ENGL 1301, HIST 1301, MATH 1314(college algebra), HIST 1302, PSYC2301(introduction to psychology), HUMA 1315(as a fine arts), GOVT2305, BIO2420(Microbiology), Chem1405, and PSYC2314. I am planning to take statistics, government2306, nutrition, and ENG1302 next semester. I was thinking about applying for nursing school for Fall2010, but I am planning to take A&P II during summer term of 2010. Do you think I can apply for nursing school without A&P II which will be done before Fall 2010? For TWU pre-req, do I need to take speech, computer, and multicultural women's studies in the TWU? If so, does it mean I need to take a semester in TWU before entering to nursing school?

What can be the elective courses for UT-Houston? Can College algebra be a part of elective courses?

I am just going crazy......so many tidious questions. Does anybody know e-mail address of TWU and UT-Houston nursing office? How can I contact the RN coordinator? Thank you.

southern rn

Has 19 years experience.

I'm not trying to sound mean, but shouldn't you be asking your advisor or someone in the nursing program these questions? Instead of relying on random information on an internet message board?

I tried to follow but all the course numbers got me. So open an excel document make a couple columns, first write out what you have grouped by area (math with math science with science) then in the next column make a list of what school a requires, matching up like with like, so if they require a&p 2 and you don't have it, make a new row, enter a&p2 under column 2 and there will be a blank space in column 1 (what you have). After you have done this with all the schools you're looking at you'll know what you should add on and what will cover. Most of the schools around here will admit with a couple of classes yet to take before entry (must be done prior) but competition is fierce and it knocks you down to the bottom of the list, so it'd be better to have them all done.

Thank you guys for answering my questions. Yes, I sent e-mail to each school I mentioned for these questions.

However, I could not get an answer, yet. As I need to register classes for next semester right now, I needed quick answer. I am calling each school's nursing advisors tomorrow to ask about pre-req. At any rate, thanks again!


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