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help with post lay-off attitude problem


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Any advice? I was laid off last yr. from my small community hospital-after 4 yrs in a position I truly enjoyed-I had hoped to retire from there.Options are limited somewhat in this area-all acute care facilities are in dire financial trouble so I took a position in LTC-which is really not my first love-Now I know I am just going thru the motions-I am not completly miserable but I am not thrilled.But-today who interviewed at my facility but the nurse manager who thru her inept management skills must bear part of the responsibility for the loss of my job-and her own in the most recent round of layoffs.I have been very content to see her in my mind as a symbol of my misery-but now I am going to have to deal with her daily...Several of us had a very hard time after the layoffs-depression,illness..I thought I had dealt with the situation fairly well-but am I a mess at the moment..I have been told that she has only had great things to say about me-but I swear I don't think can look at her...In the past yr.I have done some agency work and also home care hospice-I know the grass is no greener and as long as I have this mind set I won't let myself be truly happy again anywhere-so I really don't want to job hop...Other people had 20yrs or more of service and lost their jobs-I need to get over it it....here I am over a yr later and all of those feelings are so strong again-anger, disappointment,sadness...any ideas?--Thank you....

Job loss ranks right up there with death, divorce, illness, etc. as major stressor. I suggest you consult MD for treatment of depression, see grief counselor (this was a LOSS to you and you are grieving) and consider support group. Network with others in your situation and area. Set attainable goals (write them down). your spirit is in pain-get active in church. Volunteer. You have already made the first step-reaching out to others. You KNOW you can do it because you are capable as a nurse and person ALREADY. I went thru a similar time and tried the above. All helped in some way. Good luck and God bless.

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