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8 hours ago, gradstudent2017 said:


I used Texas Health Steps for CEs. 

Thank you soon much. I saw Texas Health Steps has a lot of courses. Hope they are enough for me to get all my hours. Thanks again



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On 4/28/2021 at 9:21 AM, Kaley Adams said:

I took my test back in March and I passed! I know having to continue to study can be hard. Looking at the same information over and over made me so tired but I knew I had to know it. I continued to study Barkley review, and I also read Silbert and Flagg again. I would read information I felt I was weak on in the Burns textbook. Another thing that really helped me was an app called Nursing Pocket Prep. They had 500 questions and I would take little quizzes daily. Their questions were good and rationales also came from Burns. I hope this helps you some and please know you are going to pass! Last year was so hard for me but I finally passed and I am getting ready to start my new job next week! You can do it! 

Thanks a lot for your information. I just purchased the App you mentioned. I think it is the best review test bank ever. 


I have a question. How did you meet your retest requirements? I want to choose to take a exam review course which has contact hours rather than the continue educations courses. But it looks like there is no ONLINE review course which offer 15.7 contact hours, correct? I'm so stressful to meet the retest requirements. 



On 8/3/2020 at 1:21 PM, mcduran said:

Hello TwinmomRN2,

Thank you so much for responding. It is extremely frustrating and disheartening when you study soooo much the first time and then fail. Then study your butt off for the second time, and fail again. The first time I also did the Barkley review the first time and then the PNP certification book the second time (cover to cover). I do not feel like the questions in the back of the chapters where anything like the ones on the boards. I honestly have no idea where to go for the third attempt!

I am taking some time off, because my brain was done. I will reapply come end of October. I also scored better in one area and worse in all the others.

I was hoping to get more of a response on here from people that have taken it recently. And I am right with you on emotionally not being able to handle failing a second time and having to wait till next year to take it again. I am honestly willing to set up zoom meetings or weekly study sessions however!

And if anyone else has ideas or can help please respond! SOS!


Hey Morgan, can you email me any suggestions for the exam please? My email is