Help pls: Other than WGU, is there any other college that has a flexible start date?

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I'm looking for a college that you can start at any time you want. I know that has that, but I don't have $3000 and I just want to take one class! Or one class at a time. So I was wondering if there were other colleges like WGU out there? I have time on my hands right now. I won't have that after the first of the year so I want to do something now, not wait to start classes at the end of January going thru a traditional semester.

I know that National University has something like that because you just take one class per semester but they are really expensive as well.

I'm looking for an art appreciation class. :) If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much! :)

Just take the one class you want at the local community college. Nobody makes you sign up for full time or even half time unless you have financial aid requirements.

Specializes in med/surg/tele/neuro/rehab/corrections.

The community colleges started in August. I didn't want to wait until January to start classes. :(

Specializes in med/surg/tele/neuro/rehab/corrections.

I'm trying to find a college that has online classes available thru webinars and maybe you just sit for a proctored exam on your own schedule. That way I can start this class soon and finish it in one month. I just need two classes, one is a math class and then something like an introduction to art or art appreciation class.

Some colleges have late start classes or cut the term in half with courses that start for the second half, five week, eight week courses, etc. The University of New England has science prerequisite courses that can be started whenever and completed as fast as the student wants to do the work. Check them out. Maybe they have rolling enrollment for math and art classes too.

Try BYU. They have independent study classes you can take anytime. Also try the University of North Dakota and the University of Arkansas. I think the Univ. of Arkansas is reasonable too and they offer anytime starts.

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