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ok so I applied for a position at a local hosp here in AZ about 2 months ago, last week they call me to have a physical done and the usual pee test. Then today I get an email...not even a phone call saying that their background co was unable to get a hold of any of my past supervisors? what?.

Now they want me to hand deliver 2 refrences....I just moved here two months ago? I am also annoyed with this hosp. I have a job and just needed a per diem position with them to make extra cash but now I dont think its worth it.

Is it just me or is this hosp just annoying? :madface::madface:

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Nope, I think its actually good that a hospital is taking the time to investigate people. Saves from trouble later.

CAn you give them references from the last place you lived? Or what about your neighbors where you live now? Maybe you can explain to the employer that you just moved, they should be able to call references in other states if necessary.

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If they can't get references from people you chose, you need to get them if you want a job with the new potential employer. It's as simple as that. Sometimes I think it's a ploy to see if you're really interested too...

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