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Help, please... new to L&D

by nightingale7o7 nightingale7o7 (New) New

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Precepted & worked on medsurg and have transferred to L&D. I am finding it a bit overwhelming and I really don't remember much from nursing school. Actually, I never thought I would become a L&D nurse until I had my first baby. :)

Any recs on good L&D reads (texts, & drug books specific to L&D)? Thank you so much.

Jo Dirt

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I never thought I might become a L&D nurse even though I recently delivered my fourth baby.

Actually, I haven't become a L&D nurse yet (honestly I do not want to) but there is a hospital with slots for this department wide open (NOC) and they say they are willing to train. I am going to hold out awhile longer to see if something more suitable opens up but if it doesn't I might be having to start water boiling.


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Lots of good reading suggestions in the sticky thread above. Get NRP training and Fetal Heart Monitoring Classes by AWHONN ASAP. Also recommend you join AWHONN if you have not already.


Good luck in your new position.

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