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help please.this is my life.only have a couple months to decide

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college student ready to apply to nursing school in pasadena. i am sure i wont be accepted at my community college so i plan on attending west coast university and enter the 3 year bachelors degree program. i dont know if i should go there my issue with the school is the value of my degree.

will my degree look like i took the easy way out and wont get hired?

is it harder to get a job if i do graduate from a trade school?

how hard is it now in the los Angeles area to get a nursing positing in a hospital?

Unless someone is willing to share their personal experiences, no one can predict what HR representatives will tell you when you call or visit with your questions. There are previous posts on this site that you can read, but no sure prediction that your experience will be the same. If you want to go to nursing school badly enough to go to WCU, then you will also want to be a nurse badly enough to deal with the employment picture after graduation and getting a license. There are plenty enough remarks about the bad employment picture in the greater Los Angeles area to try to convince you that it will not be easy. You may have to leave the area to work, you may get a job after six months, you could have a job lined up before graduation. As they say, your mileage may vary. Just don't go forward thinking that nursing in the Los Angeles area is a sure thing. The only sure thing about your plans is the tuition at WCU. Good luck.

If you're going to apply to PCC, why not also apply to every other community college you are eligible for? Most have similar prerequisites and there are at least a dozen or more in the greater LA area. So don't limit yourself to only PCC or WCU.

Why not also consider CSU nursing programs? They would be more affordable than WCU and you will get a BSN from a school where you don't have to wonder about the worth of the degree. I don't have all the facts but I suggest you fully research the accreditation of WCU since I have seen it questioned on this board. I know their degree will allow you to sit for the NCLEX but I'm not sure if other universities will accept it if you want to get a higher degree. That's a whole lot of cash for an uncertain degree.