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I am in my final semester of nursing school, about to graduate with my BSN in May. I am attempting to get motivated to start my final big writing assignment.. however, the topic has me hung up, so I haven't really gotten too far. I really want to do well writing this paper, but for me to to do well, I know that I need to find a topic that I will enjoy writing about and researching, as well as something that I feel is relevant to my future profession. On that note, the topics must be related to nursing management, whether it be staffing, professionalism, bullying in the workplace, teamwork, etc... I know those topics are rather broad, and that's kind of the issue I am having while trying to research the topics to find something very interesting. I am looking for suggestions for a topic to help me get started on this paper. Maybe a topic that many nurses find to be a challenge in the work place, or something within the broad topic of leadership/management that is a very positive change to nursing, either being researched or in practice already. Having not yet been employed as a nurse, it has been really difficult to see the importance in a single topic over another, as they are all important. The question for all of those reading this is: what do you find to be beneficial in a leader/manager? What do you feel like are hindrances in the work place? What different kinds of staffing would you recommend in a facility that I may want to be employed at? What kind of research have you seen lately on leadership/management styles? Anything that might jump start my brain could be very helpful... maybe just a push in the right direction? Everything seems so important, that it would be helpful to get some pointers from nurses in the work force! Thanks!


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personally, I've found the research into workplace violence/nurse-on-nurse bullying quite fascinating. There's so much there, both in terms of personal perspective (how does it make each nurse feel/how does it affect individual nurses' performance) as well as unit/team perspective (how does workplace bullying affect team performance, even for those not being bullied? how can positive team building counteract workplace violence?)


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Some topics I have written papers on befor that I have found interesting some were a bit of a challenge though...

Restraint free policies

12 hour vs. 8 hour shifts and how they relate to nurse burn out and patient safety

Testing nursing staff for MRSA

Medicare no longer covering Hospital aquired UTIs, falls/injuries, and MRSA

Obama Care

I did a whole bunch of papers these are the only ones I remember though... Good Luck! :)

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Bullying is a great topic and tons if information

Magnet vs non magnet hospital -patient outcome

Shared governance

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Another is alarm fatigue and patient outcome/mistakes/errors