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Hi everyone,

I'm a BSN student due to graduate this upcoming May. I'm applying for a nursing fellowship position in the ED at a local hospital (my dream job). I need some advice and I've learned that asking experienced nurses is the best way to get the help I need. :)

I've had my resume and cover letter reviewed by my instructors, but there is a question on the application I'm stumped with and they aren't available right now. The nursing recruiter I've been in contact with says I should put in my application ASAP, even though I won't graduate for a while.

It asks "Please list any skills and abilities you wish considered. Include skills with equipment or machines you operate, special computer knowledge, laboratory techniques, etc." My skills are limited to what I've done in clinicals and lab, and my prior non-healthcare/financial experience. I don't know what to put here that doesn't sound weak. They know the position is open to new graduate nurses, so they shouldn't expect me to be an expert. But putting that I've given injections, IV medications, used Pyxis, etc does not sound that impressive. Another problem is that my critical care rotation and my capstone (which is scheduled to be in the ED of a level 1 trauma center) will be completed after I need to submit the application. They actually start next week. I mention my capstone in my cover letter.

I would love some suggestions regarding how to answer this question. I appreciate any help you can give.


Mary (soon to be BSN)


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Have you been using a EMR? What system? You've been using a Pyxis, list that. What about a Dynamap? Wound vac? Don't list things you don't yet have experience with, but be honest if you feel comfortable with using something.