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HELP...Nursing diagnosis on Chronic Pain


I am doing my care plan on a 39y female who has had uncontrolled DM and has developed Diabetic Neuropathy from this. I am using Chronic Pain for her priority nursing diagnosis. She always rates her pain at a 10 and says not even an hour later that her pain is at a 10 again. I have trouble with the outcomes...such as Client will by (certain time on a certain day) state that her pain has decreased from a 10 to at least a 6 on a scale of 0-10. I need at least 2 of these, i am fine with my interventions its just outcomes.

If anyone can help that would be GREAT!! I will be checking back alot so if you need more information i can give it to you. This is due monday for me.

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Outcomes are the predicted results of your nursing interventions. If you are "fine" with your interventions, then your outcomes merely need to reflect what should happen as a result of your interventions being successful.


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A good intervention to add would be teach pain scale to patient, defining 0 as absolutely no pain and 10 is the absolute worst pain ever. And then a good outcome would be patient verbalizes understanding of scale and rates pain at ___/10.

If she still rates pain at 10/10 @ all times, does she exhibit pain? increase HR/bp, grimacing, guarding ect?? You might need to think dependency and then pain.

OR.. you can simply state goal not met, even with narcotic analgesic,_____, administered as ordered (detail it) and repositioning, distraction patient still rates 10/10 pain at all times. Physician notified.

Best I can do without actually seeing the whole shebang (assessment/chart ect).

Hope this helps.