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Hi all,

I need your help. I need to write a research paper comparing the Candian , UK and US healthcare systems. For instance, how is insurance funded? Is there any private insurance? How long is the wait to see a specialist or get a procedure? IS there any one who is not covered? What do you think of the quality of care that is provided? What improvments are needed? Are prescripition drugs covered? How commonly are tests such as MRi, CT, Nuc med scans ordered? What are the advantages/disadvatages of your healthcare system vs the USA



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:rotfl: Wow you dont want much information do you. When I find an hour or two I will get back and answer you lol

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1.How is insurance funded?Pay a National Insurance automatically in wage

2. Is there any private insurance?Yes private insurance is available, some provided by work and others you can take out yourself. A variety of companies offer this within the UK

3. How long is the wait to see a specialist or get a procedure? This varies but there are guidelines set down by the government re timescale to be seen.

4. Is there any one who is not covered?If you live in the UK and are a British or EU citizen you are entitled to healthcare. People not covered are those on holiday without insurance and are from a country not within the EU. Emergency treatment will be given at no charge but further treatment will be charged.

5. What do you think of the quality of care that is provided?Quality of care in the UK varies from within the country, some areas provide excellent care whilst others provide poor. This has been recently publicised with midwifery.

6. Are prescripition drugs covered?If not on any type of benefits there is a standard charge for prescription. There is a single fee per item on prescription £6.50 so if there are 3 items on your prescription there will be a charge of £19.50. Some items can only be bought on private prescription which involves a different fee from your doctor and the pharmacy will also charge a separate fee.

7. How commonly are tests such as MRI, CT, Nuc med scans ordered? Getting more common but there will be a waiting list for the tests especially if not a inpatient in a hospital. Waiting times vary

This is just my opinion and I am sur there will be some other comments

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