Help Needed Guys!!!!Plzzz


Hi how is everyone doing? I am in a very stressfull position, I have check-offs for my school where I have to pass IV Push. I really need to pass as tomorrow is the last day. For Iv piggyback, I know you have to stop the IV machine, but do you have to clamp the secondary line or not? Also, when your injecting medications through the primary line (Bolus) do you have to stop the pump. Thank you all, and pray that I pass. Please guys and thanks for all the support and help!:)

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What does your IV book say......What have your instructors told you

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This post is almost identical to a post written by a student who was at clinical and needed help.

I am suspicious!

What are you talking about? I never stop the IV machine when hanging a piggyback....


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I'm sorry that you are having trouble with IV administration. It would be best to contact an instructor or fellow nursing student in your program. I wish you luck in your test-out tomorrow. I'm just wondering if you are the same individual that posted earlier and if so why you changed your username?


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Seriously!? I agree...this looks all to familiar. Someone needs to close this thread. To the's called reading, try it!