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Help, Need Study Guides/Practice tests for homehealth/Agency/Pvt. Duty tests for job


Does anyone know of study guides for home health nurses, to study for the pre-employment, core competency tests, the agencies give? I'M looking for study guides/charts/flashcards/cheatsheets etc.on 1) Long term care (both peds and eldery), 2) Med/Surg, 3) medications and dosages calculations. They say don't worry, almost everyone passes, but if you fail one of the six tests, you have to wait another 6 or 8 months to apply again. Plus the tests are timed, btwn 9 mins to 30 mins. Nervous? Me too, a little. :)

Have never taken a preemployment test that was beyond my ability to score a minimum score on. I just made certain that I brushed up on some of the basic stuff, like insulin, from NCLEX review books. And I always did my best guessing. Good luck.


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In my experience, the timed exams are not bad. It's usually common sense stuff. I've taken a few and never failed any. I have taken a couple of untimed competency exams that were kinda hard. Luckily, I was taking them at home and had time to find the answers. I usually brush up on dosage calculations. I would say review some nclex style study material on the most common things encountered in med/surg and peds. Maybe go to the library and see what kind of material they have on home health nursing. Good luck!