Help! My piggyback won't run!

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Jadelpn, both piggybacks and secondary bags can be programmed with pumps. The difference is that with a piggyback, the lines are connected at the y site above the pump, hence sharing a pump. A secondary bag is run through its own pump and connected to a y site below the pump.

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Thank you for that information! Why would someone need this? Three (or more) infusions at a time? So a patient could conceivably have fluids, an antibiotic and then something else--fluids and the antibiotic on pump one, then another medication on pump 2 connected to the y site below pump 1 in a single IV? Don't mean to sound dumb, but I have never done this before (and I think thankfully LOL) AND because I am talking about it, don't you KNOW that it will now come up! LOL

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