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Help! Moving to WA/Idaho and Trying to Apply to School

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have graduated from nursing school in 1998 in Germany, came to the USA in 2004 and worked since 2006 in the same Hospital, first as ER tech until credential eval was over and I was allowed to test for the NCLEX. Since Oct 2008 I have been working in Oregon, as RN (ADN) in critical care/IMCU/step down ICU and acquired the PCCN certification.

I am debating on whether to advance to the BSN degree or not. My fiancee wants to move to Washington or Idaho. Looking just randomly what jobs are offered, some require BSN, but not all I guess. Besides that I'd like to work only part time on days, as I do not well working grave yard, been there, done that.

I have 2 problems:

1. Looking for jobs in WA/Idaho, I cannot necessarily find jobs for PCU/IMCU. I find NICU, or other types of ICU, but there seems to be nothing between med-surg and ICU? How would I go about to find out what my current job is equivalent to?

2. If I consider to go to school for BSN, I run into the issue that I received grades in Germany not credits. My school in Germany also does no longer exist either.

I was looking into Western Governors online school program RN to BSN and I was told, my nursing grades need to be converted from grades to credits. I haven't found any place that can help with that. Do you have any recommendations?

3. Not an issue, rather a question.

What is the best way to search for a job from a different state? I looked at Indeed and signed up for IdahoWorks ( worksource).

4. Where in this nursing forum would you direct me to possibly exchange info/work experiences with RN's working in WA/Idaho?

I'd really appreciate you advice, however also would be grateful if you can could direct me to another place to ask my questions.

Dear Moving to Washington/Idaho,

You have a great work history and your expertise is validated with your PCCN certification.

It's definitely advisable to get your BSN and I would post in the World Nursing forum to connect with others who were educated outside of the States. When you tested for the NCLEX you probably had to submit your transcripts. Hopefully you still have the official copies.

I'm sorry, I don't have knowledge of students having to convert their nursing grades to credits. That sounds more like a function of the school (and specific to Western Governors) and not the student. Western Governors also issues pass/fail grades which may not always transfer to easily to graduate school if you decide to further advance your education. There are many choices for online BSN schools and the right one for you will work with you and be a good fit for your situation.

As far as finding a unit similar to yours, look for Telemetry units and Stepdown units. It's always possible to start on MedSurg and transfer later. Often MedSurg jobs are more plentiful.

Identify hospitals in the area you are moving to, and search their job boards. The job boards will often post positions a day or two before they hit Indeed.com.

Good luck in your job search and move. I hope you find a hospital that offers tuition reimbursement. When you interview, also ask if they provide relocation assistance.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!

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