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Help! Moving to NYC!


Hello New Yorkers! My husband will be transferring from San Antonio, TX to NYC in early 2015. I'm excited about the big move and I am starting to attempt to line up my ducks, but I could use some help!

First, how is the job market out there? I am a BSN-RN and have been nursing for 3 yrs with the last year spent at a level 1 trauma center ER. By the time we move, I will be TNCC, ENPC, and CEN certified. Any advice where to start?

What hospitals ERs are hiring??

Second, how long does it take to get my NY license... And what are the steps? I went on the nyed website and it seems a little confusing.

I will appreciate any and all advice! Thanks!

estrellaCR, BSN, RN

Specializes in OB, Pediatrics, Maternal/Child Health. Has 2 years experience.

With current experience and credentials you should have no problem in getting a job. As for what hospitals are hiring....just look at each hospital's website Jobs section and also on indeed.com . If a job is posted, they are looking for people. Also hospitals often have job fair for Experienced RNs so u will also see those postings.

For your license...google NY office of professions ..not the education website. Then look in the nursing section.

Oh my gosh, thank you for the reply!!! Your reassuring words gave me a boost! Yey! I will get on it!

Go here: NYS Nursing:Application Forms RN & LPN to get the ball rolling for your NYS license. Until you are able to work legally here your job search will probably not go far as places like to see you can start work at once (well soon you complete the hiring process), and not rely upon waiting weeks for Albany to grant you permission to practice in the state.

Once you have the above sorted you might want to contact some travel or other agencies and get on their books. As an experienced RN you should find work sooner or later in NYC, but until landing that full time gig agency/travel work can bring in a paycheck. It may also assist in landing a job as well.

Good luck!

Da_Milk_of_Amnesia, MSN

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You have experience. You should be ok trying to find something. The market is tight either way, so it may take a while but just keep plugging away and you'll land something, so depending on where you are exactly in NYC you maybe better looking into the surrounding areas if you are having a lot of trouble finding something.