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Hello Everyone.

I Had A Bad Day At Work Today. Not Going To Go Into Too Much Detail. Will Just Give You The Basics. On My Neurotrauma Imc Unit-it's Several Things That Are Disturbing To Everyone. From The Senior Parnter, Staffing ,etc.. We Deal With These Common Issues Often But We All Complain To Each Other. Me, However Have Been Known To Be The "big" Mouth. I Confront Issues That The Nurses Complain About But Afraid To Confront. Today My Manager Called Me In Her Office For The 2nd Time And Said That I Was A Little "abrasive". Iknow that i Am Such An Outspoken Person and I take constructive critisizm very well. I'm Always Eager To Learn As Much As I Can. She Did Say That Was A Very "strong And excellent" Nurse. My Question Is, How Can You Feel A Certain Way So Deeply But Hold It In with evrything u have. When I Say Things,it's Always In A Professional Manner. I Know That I Need To Pick My Battles And Just Absorb Things! It's Just Frustrating At Times. Thanks For Listening. Just Wanted To Vent A Little.Appreciate all input.

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Sometimes even the silent majority need a spokesperson. Take it as a compliment too many nurses waste energy complaining to each other instead of fixing the problem.

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Why Are You Capitalizing Each Letter In This Thread? To Add EMPHASIS? :rolleyes:


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This probably belongs in general nursing rather than CRNA, no?


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This probably belongs in general nursing rather than CRNA, no?

Hello KM,

this thread probably does belong in general nursing. I'm very comfortable with this board and have been posting for a little while now.

I wasn't thinking as rational last night- I posted on my most frequently veiwed board . Sorry. Just felt the need to "vent" a li :rotfl: ttle.


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