Help!! 18 mo old with FTT and High Alk Phos


I hope someone out there can shed some light on this baffeling case.

18mo male presents with FTT (Failure to thrive). Labs indicate Alk Phos. of 3000!! All other labs normal. Urine, stool and all other liver tests normal. No cystic fibrosis, no celiac. All areas of development are normal. Birth history is unremarkable. Has anyone come across this in their practice and if so any clue where to go from here?? Oh ya, GI and Endocrine and Nutrition involved...everyone is stumped!

Thanks to all who reply.


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Thank you so much! I looked it over and looks like an awesome sight! I'll have to go through them one by one. I appreciate the info. When we get a final dx. I'll post it for future reference.

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A high alk phos can be a precurser rickets, esp if the kid is a FTT and isn't eating well. We start the kids on Calciferol. Kids that are one phenobarb and dilantin are also prone to having an elevated alk phos.

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