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Please give me some advice to take with to my appt.I am a nurse who has been having chronic right hip pain since July 2008,at that time it was severe.It effects my daily life.I cant walk without being in pain,I cant sleep,etc.I finally went to a chiropractor who sent me to a neurologist.Neg for rheumatoid.They dx me for fibromyalgia,but did mri on the hip.The MRI showed a small basal cyst,and possible labral tear.This is the side that is causing moderate pain for almost a yr.An xray showed an abnormally shaped trochanter on the left hip.The rght hip is causing soo much pain that I took a medical leave,and cant walk without crying.I now use a cane.I went to a ortho md per the referral of my neurologist. This 1st ortho md said that the right hip was ok?He is sending mg to an ortho surgeon for a surg consult???WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME???hOW CAN i GET THEM TO TX THE PAIN UNTIL THIS IS RESLOVED???i AM ONLY 35,BUT LIVE LIKE AM i 90.

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as per terms of service we are unable to offer medical advice. you really need to go back to your pcp and discuss this with them

this is not a medical advice bulletin board

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