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Help with mentoring another student (Tea

When you took the TEAS, what was the hardest part of the exam?

  1. 1. When you took the TEAS, what was the hardest part of the exam?

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      Chemistry portion of Science
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      Physics portion of Science

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Hi guys. Could we all put our collective heads together and help for moment. I have mentored the greatest young woman I have ever met through nursing school and we are at the entrance exam stage now.

Ya'll would love her as much as I do, if you knew her. She is single mom of two young boys, working full time, buying her own home, and has little to no support from the boy's father. He core grades are good, but not quite a 3.5. She has graduated, but is retaking A&P 1 to get her grades up.

The problem is with her TEAS. She failed the first one. I have given her every book I have and every flash card that I ever made. She is taking the exam again this September. She wants to get into GPC, of course, I want her to go Athens Tech, or get into the BSN program next Fall. She is thinking about the LPN program for flexibility.

  • Does anyone know what it takes to get into GPC or any other nursing program in the area?
  • Any tips on the TEAS
  • Any tips on the PSB exam

I welcome any information any of you guys have on any tests or programs. All knowledge is power. Thanks.

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I moved your thread to the TEAS forum. This is a moderated forum so you might see a slight delay in posts and responses. Have your friend join AN we can ALL help her!


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