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Help Me! Final Exam On Wednesday!

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:confused::sniff::o:scrying::banghead::no::bluecry1::(:crying2:So, I would just like to start off and say that I am new to this. I am in third level out of 4 right now at my school. I took fundamentals, PEDS, pharmacology, mental health, and passes all of them. I am struggling so bad with this level though. Med Surg. Anyways, after the last test Ireally screwed myself, although I studied and studied and studied like I always do. My final is on wednesday and it came down to the terifying fact that I can only miss 19 points to succeed to level 4 and graduate in may. If I dont do this, I have to fight my way back into the program and then I won't be able to graduate until next december (thats if they even let me back in to repeat level 3) -- I guess I should't think like that. I should be telling myself I AM GOING TO PASS AND THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS! Ohh, BTW...the final is worth 130 points, comprehensive, which means I have to get a 111/130 (85%). Can anyone please help me! Any tips at this point would help me so much.. I took off the whole weekend and so far I have gotten 7 hours of study time in today. I will be devastated if I don't make it. Please give me final exam study tips and pray for me as well.

ok so it's an 85% that you're after...you can do this!!!

did your professor give you any kind of test breakdown? or do you know if the majority of the test will cover some of the 'newer' material that you went over in class most recently? do you have powerpoints? i would read the chapters over with the powerpoints and write notes and possible questions that would be asked...fold a piece of paper in half and write any nursing schoolish question that pops into your head...and then write the answer next to it.

other advice,break up your study time: study 45 minutes take a 15 min break, repeat. study as much as you can (at least 8 hrs a day if you're not working) and log your hours...at least then you can say you gave it your best shot. and make sure you get enough sleep each night leading up to the test because you need time to retain that info! NO CRAMMING the night before...it just doesn't work.

Good luck!!!!


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Tell yourself over and over until your final............I WILL DO THIS I CAN DO THIS..................I will pray for you.........level 3 has been very hard for me too...............my final is wednesday.....I wish you luck.......keep us posted after your final :up::up::up::up:

Slow down, make a plan of action, and follow it.

Plan out what and when to study for each day until the final.

Don't study what you already know. As you study, make notes on the things that give you trouble, so you can put more time to them.

You made it this far. You will make it through the final.:specs:

You can do this! Take an hour just to organize your study plan and follow it from now until your test. If you have power points for each chapter put on the front of each one how many questions will be on the final for that chapter. Read over the ones that may only have 2 or 3 questions twice and then breakdown the rest of your powerpoints/notes and make new outlines on note cards or record them on a recorder to listen back to until the material is in your head. The chapters that have higher amount of questions that may be on the test like 15 or 23 points you should also go over NCLEX questions to refresh that material. If you have time record some of the NCLEX questions that you have already done as a review. For example we had a question on our final related to foods that help in wound healing. I didn't see anywhere in my powerpoints about Vitamin C helping in wound healing but I came across it in one of my NCLEX questions so I remembered that and it helped I got the question right.

I just had a 125 point final which covered I think it was 21 chapters/topics and I got 11 wrong and four of the ones I got wrong I knew but I discounted my 1st instinct and knowledge and picked another answer. So my advice is also to stick with a rationale you believe is true for an answer before you decide against it for another answer unless you know for sure you are wrong. I also seem to think that they are trying to trick me and I sometimes go against my original choice. I also put a dot next to the questions that I am unsure of when I am doing my test. If I have time I then go back over them again. Good Luck!

Thanks for the advice. I have been studying like crazy. trying to get 8 hours in a day and then taking some time off to collect myself. We did not get any final review so I am my own with that. so far I am going over the information on test 5 out of 8 to review. I will be at the lib from 12-8 tomorrow and monday and tuesday are full days of no class and no work, all study! Thanks for alll the prayers! I need and want this so bad! thanks everyone for the advice!!!!!!!

calm down and don't panic this will increase your test anxiety which could severely impact your test taking abilities.

is the test comprehensive? or is it covering the last set of chapters you've just covered? i will assume that is comprehensive...

pull out and organize any notes, handouts, test break downs, powerpoint slides, flash cards, etc. into the order from which they were covered.

start with exam 1 material (it may be more helpful for you to start with the last exam and move backwards to exam 1) go through the points that were covered and try to think of questions that you got tripped up on or were torn between answers and make sure you are clear on those concepts (nursing interventions, clinical manefestations, medications, nursing implications, client outcomes).

do this all the way through and when you're done it might be beneficial for you to (no later than tommorrow evening) get with some classmates and sit in on a study group or test discussion even if its over the phone just to solidify your understanding. they may touch on points that you missed or bring up points that you didn't think of.

if that doesn't seem possible (getting with classmates because you never feel done with studying) answer some nclex questions related to material you've covered just to make sure you are in the practice of reading the test question, the stem and choosing the best answer.

good luck. relax you can do it!


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..........four of the ones I got wrong I knew but I discounted my 1st instinct and knowledge and picked another answer. So my advice is also to stick with a rationale you believe is true for an answer before you decide against it for another answer unless you know for sure you are wrong.
Ain't that the way it goes sometimes ???!!!??? I've second guessed myself a whole bunch o' times, and usually, the original answer was right. Great advice, Mommycakers !!!
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