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Help with math question for repro


Med order;Loading dose of magnesium sulfate 6gm iv over 20 min.

Have on hand: 40gm magnesium sulfate in1000 ml of d5w.

Answer is : iv push run 450ml/hr for 20 mon

How in the world I get this answer help

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Per most drug books the standard MgS04 solution is 40mg/mL or 80mg/mL in D5W for IV

So if the solution is 40g (40,000mg) in 1000mL D5W that would be how many mg/mL ? _______mg/mL

need 6gm over 20 min, 6g or 6000mg of a _____mg/mL solution = ____mL solution needed to get desired dose.

So ____mL volume over 20min = ____mL/hr would deliver to deliver the desired dose (6gm or ____ mL of a _____mg/mL (40g/1000mL) solution)

I was taught to never use gm for grams always mg for milligrams and g for grams.


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Wow! Things have changed if they've place math questions on the repro exam. I didn't have any on mine. They only gave a scenario and asked about the treatment , if any, for the condition. Of course, that WAS 4 years ago. Maybe that's the reason for a required math course now. I was blessed in that I only had one math question in my quest for the RN and that was on the NCLEX. God was definitely looking out for me as He knew how mathematically impaired I was. Good luck with your studies!!!

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