HELP: Major Safety Issues with New Job


So I need some help determining how bad of a situation this is. I'm a new nurse and I just got a job in the OR of a hospital. I took it right away because I know OR positions are hard to get as a new grad. I've been in orientation for about 2 weeks and it seems like every day I learn something new about the hospital that is quite disturbing. Here's what I know so far: they have a bat issue so bad that they have a policy on what to do if there is a bat in a room. I've seen 3 cockroaches so far and there is a horrible mold issue in the locker room. A couple of days ago, a huge pool of water broke through the ceiling and completely soaked a nurse on her computer. There was a fire in an elevator and they haven't fixed it months later. Then today, I also found out they stopped doing plastic surgery because there was an issue with sterility of certain implants (not sure the details, but something regarding the water in the building) and patients were getting gnarly infections. This seems very unsafe for both patients and staff. The staff are very standoffish to newbies, so that's not helping either. I just wanted to get some opinions on how bad this is/what I should do.

Thank you!!

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Hahahaha that seems like the best idea 


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And call the DOH & OSHA on your way  out. Major problems there.

State DOH needs to do a spot UNANNOUNCED visit, but they need to know details to know where to look. Give them the specifics. The hosp won't be honest to 'fess up.

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