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Help for lovely 87 y/o Male with Cdiff

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I am taking care of a lovely 87 year old gentleman, with Cdiff (diarrhea and mucous in the stool). After a round of anitbiotics for a UTI d/t BPH he ended up with Cdiff. He was initially treated back in Oct. 2009, with Vanco and Flagyl. He has had four more bouts with Cdiff infection and has only been treated with only Flagyl.

He is now being treated by a Infectious Disease Doc with Vanco and Rifampin and seems to be doing MUCH better (history of dementia, HTN, BPH). The family is so pleased. Any suggestions re: diet/contact precautions that I can give the family or caregivers (he is being taken care of at home) so that this horrible infection does not return would be greatly appreciated. They are so afraid that after this Vanco/Rifampin (two weeks) that he will relapse with the infection.

I have suggested, Baby Rice Cereal, bananas, apple sauce, Activia (doc recommended), organic chix broth with noddles. Any other suggestions??? HELP!!!!!!!!

I side with the doctor. Yogurt is probably the best bet for the patient to help him reestablish normal flora in his gut to prevent reoccurrence of C.diff. It doesn't have to be Activia, it does have to have active cultures and many of the yogurts available have them. You might consider lacto-bacillus to his regimen as well. It is an OTC natural medication used to reestablishing normal flora, too.

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forgot something

ita probiotic capsules are great!!


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Chuckles and shudders at the thought of a stool transplant.......


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best suggestion.............everybody wash your hands!!!!

I wouldn't comment on any of the supplements or diet suggestions that have been made.


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Chuckles and shudders at the thought of a stool transplant.......

Your comment was not necessary!!!!!!!!! Why bother?!?!?!:uhoh3:

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