HELP! Lost OBRA assessment


In May of this year my computer was exposed to a freak power surge that crashed all of my data drives, causing me to completely lose everything pertaining to jRAVEN, (the system we use) along with any and every document I ever saved. Our facility was able to retrieve most of the information from CMS and we were able to re-upload most past data back into jRAVEN, but the data was incomplete in many of the previously exported assessments. One in particular that was overlooked was an OBRA admission assessment that had been completed the day before the crash. I had it ready to export and printed out a paper copy of the actual MDS assessment showing the completiion date. After the crash, I became so occupied with the task of restoring all the previous data, and overlooked the assessment that had been export ready, but never submitted until the name appeared on the missing assessment list in CASPER. The resident has since discharged. Can the assessment still be submitted since I just discovered the mistake? How will it affect the ARD date?


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You may want to call you state RAI coordinator first for guidance.

Since it was already encoded into your sytem (the common working file can prove it), you can go ahead and submit. Do not alter anything. A warning for late submission is already expected.

Document the incident. Include plans similar to a "triple check" policy to avert recurrence. For computer crashes, the facility must have something in place in backing up data entered electronically - a must! Always use an external hard drive to backup. If you enter data electronically daily, the backup should also occcur daily.