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I have an interview coming up at Kaiser Permanente in California. Anyone know about the interview process there?


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Hey, I have an interview with Kaiser as well, scheduled for the 9th of February. I am looking forward to checking out the school and the challenge of the interview process. (Actually, I'm scared to death about the interview process.) Anyway, good luck.



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you two need to chill out and relax, there is nothing to worry about, just practice being calm and loose in a visually intimidating setting. there will be about 12 people in the room all CRNA's, MDA's, Kaiser students, and some Kaiser bigwigs, like the program director and others. but they are all very down to earth and really want to see how you handle yourself in the room. be loose, and dont get flustered or nervous. the dont ask very many clinical questions at all, mainly personality, and experience questions. again, be loose joke around if the chance comes, be yourself and you will do fine. the ones that got into our class are people that were loose and relaxed have fun.


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Thanks for the advice catcolalex. I agree with you, I think that the admissions people are looking for people who can be calm in unnerving situations. I will work on that.


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for those who were invited for an interv. at kaiser, what are you stats (GPA, experience, certs, GRE, etc.)


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Cum GPA 3.62

Almost 2 years MICU experience

GRE 1160


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For those of you who have been given the opportunity to interview with Kaiser, as catcolalex has said "R E L A X" and realize that you are on a level playing field with everyone else being interviewed. The numbers no longer matter (GPA, etc.), what matters is your willingness to learn and be taught, your enthusiam, and what makes YOU the best candidate. The interview is straight forward and the key is to be yourself.

Tips: Be yourself, be respectful and courteous to everyone, be punctual, dress for success, and relax

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