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I posted this under the Cardiac Nursing Forum also.

I'm a new nurse. Been working in Med/Surg for just about 6 months.

I am currently looking for a Tele position. I have the Basic Arrythmia certification.

It looks like I'll have a shot at a Regular Tele job or a position in an Intermediate Cardiac Unit (CVIMC). They are post-op Open Heart 24 - 48 hours.

I was leaning towards the CVIMC because I want to eventually end up in ICU. Do you think that someone with my minimal experience could handle the CVIMC position? I don't want to get in over my head.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

Well, I would suggest that you get yourself another 6 months before transferring. While I am sure that you are eager, other departments may hesitate because they may be afraid that after 6 months you may want to transfer again. It can be quite costly to train someone and to have them only a few months before they want to be moving on, is very costly. Besides, if you want to go into regular ICU (I presume MICU?), staying in med/surg for a little bit longer would be more beneficial.

Before making a decision, I would talk with the nurse mgr of the CVIMC unit and find out about the orientation you would receive. I've been working on a tele med/surg floor for a year (since I graduated from school) and can't imagine that I'd be ready for caring for this type of pt. I am still very overwhelmed! I wouldn't even consider it if they can't promise you a VERY thorough orientation.

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