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Can anyone tell me what DRC may stand for? Have NS infusing at 80 mL/hr. have orders to give protonix 40 mg iv push then flush with ns... I don't want someone to answer the problem, just don't know what DRC means. BLAH! :D

I'm fixing to start nursing school, so just a student here but I googled it and got dose-response curve. Hope that helps :)

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In what context? You aren't clear in your post

have ns infusing at 80ml/hr. orders to give protonix 40mg iv push then flush with ns. provide the DRC for medication... is this some kind of calculation? so confused.

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I think you might want to check with your instructor. There are over 350 variations on what DRC means. Nurses usually wouldn't do drug response curve. Are you sure you copied the acronym correctly?

Unless they want the dose rate calculation, but that is not relevant to an IVP medication only for a drip. (i.e. add 40mg to a 500mL bag of NS, running at 80mL/hr what is the dose rate calculation of the 40mg drug per hour

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I have been a nurse a long time. If that has come out of a workbook or a problem from your instructor you will have to ask them. If that is from a clinical the facility. This is one of the major reasons that Joint Commision has the list of approved abbrevations and all the dosing regulations...... to prevent errors.

Come back and let us know! I'm dying to find out.

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It has to be dose-response curve

But JustBeachyNurse is right

Nurses really don't do that...

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