HELP...interview tomorrow!


HELP!!! I have an interview tomorrow for a new position as a school nurse. I have worked in a school for a few years, but what questions do you think I could expect? This interview got scheduled so quickly that my head is spinning.


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Well, it's according to if other nurses will be involved in the interview or not....If not it will be the run of the mill stuff about what is your greatest attribute, what is your weakness, what would you do in this scenario, yadda yadda, nothing of real substance. You have a good idea of the clientele you'll be dealing with already. Your nursing experience will stand by itself so your emphasis is convincing them you have the interpersonal skills to successfully communicate with students, parents, and other staff. Focus on representing yourself as being an independent, confident, practitioner needing only to overlay the district policies onto your vast nursing experience base. If a nurse is present your task should be easier because they'll want to talk about nursing stuff, which you know about. And...don't wear scrubs.....good luck.

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Thanks for the advice, OldDude. I was offered (and accepted) the job yesterday!