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I went on 2 interviews for a hospital job one in nephrology and cardiology really want to make the change. I have been an LPN in a nursing home setting for 7 years. I don't understand why I didn't get them a job. I thought the interview went well but they went with another candidate. I talk to me RN supervisor she said she don't think it's mine. Resume because of I wouldn't have been called back. I should practice interviewing go over keep eye contact. I think my problem don't know what to say. Why do I want to change jobs? Because I need more experience I want more I'm at a standstill with my career. There's no opportunity for me in a nursing home. I feel like I not advancing forward if you could understand. I want to do more be responsible for more. Any suggestion will be appreciated thanks in advance.

Before any interview, I run through and write down my responses to common interview questions. I don't memorize them, but I find the act of writing it down helps during the actual interview. Use lots of specific examples whenever possible,

As for why you want to leave your current place of work, you could say something along the lines of "in my past seven years, I've had the chance to become really good at (list some skills that will be useful in the position you are applying for- assessment, time management, prioritization etc). I feel that I have become too comfortable in my current work place and want to challenge myself. I know my skills that I learned (re emphasize previous skills listed) would be an asset to this position because (list some reasons) which is why I think this ward would be an excellent place for me to work.

This kind of response lists your strengths, how your strengths will benefit your potential new employer and why you want to work at that specific ward

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