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Help! Im writing guidelines on skin to skin and thermoregulation!!!

by kwiksand13 kwiksand13 (New) New

I need help! Im from Pennsylvania and my hospital is recently jumping on board with skin to skin and I need guidelines and policies. I need to create these for our hospital and I do not know the first thing about creating new guidelines and policies. I wanted to do a policy on thermoregulation/cold stress of term and late preterm baby replacing the radiant warmers and using skin to skin.

New bath guidelines and skin to skin use after first bath...

Also, I want to type up guidelines for non-interrupted first hour of life skin to skin care.

I am lost. Does anyone have anything formally written on your unit? I am desperate. I just want to get everyone on board and provide written support for staff.

Thank you for any help:-)

If you go on usa.gov and type your inquiry, it will pull up formalized studies, articles, and guidelines. Hope this helps.

Try National Guideline Clearinghouse with a search for skin to skin. There is a lot of information available on this topic.

National Guideline Clearinghouse | Home

Good luck! I love having our moms do skin to skin.