Help me i'am new rn (phil)



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      Study in Australia for Bridging program then become AU RN
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      Study in Canada about geriatric nursing before LPN (1year)
    • Experience first (1-2 years)
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      Take NCLEX or IELTS

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Good day fellow nurses!I'm Liz, a newly graduated and registered nurse this year 2015, I am aspiring to work in USA like in California or Florida as a Registered Nurse, now since i still dont have experience and no idea about visa and NCLEX and IELTS, can you advise me if i may ask about things i must do first, do i have to take NCLEX as early as possible? also IELTS? or i must have experience first working as a Staff RN before I take NCLEX OR IELTS? or apply for VISA? Please help me i have no one to ask, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would suggest a pathway or directions to become US-RN and to be able to work there. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and please help me.


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Go here and choose what Visa you want to apply for:

Homepage | USCIS

Once you have a visa you will apply for then more of your questions can be answered.......


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Unless you graduated from the PH prior to 2004 or know that ALL your cases and clinicals were both done in exactly the same semester months together AND not one or two weeks prior or after or a year or two later AND prior to your graduation if AFTER 2004, you should know and read up on meeting the concurrency rules that's been imposed on ALL applicants (domestic and international) since Nov. 2011, CA has allowed but a handful relative to the amount of PH applicants since that date (11-2011).

Those applicants have all met with declination of their application but one can try to go the LVN-RN route (not easy either) or try to find the ever difficult re-take of deficient courses in CA, it's not impossible just be prepared for the long wait.

Do your research on these forum threads here, there's many in the thousands that have been frustrated and disappointed with getting a RN license in CA.