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Help! I can't find my niche!

So, I desperately need some advice and figured I'd turn to you guys :)

I have been a nurse for 4 years and throughout those 4 years I still haven't found myself liking my career choice.

I have worked med-surg, ICU, and now NICU. I left med-surg due to the pain-seeking individuals that I seemed to always get stuck with. Don't get me wrong, I understand that I did take care of some people that were not just pain seeking, but the majority were just whiny people that set their alarms in order to get their dose of Morphine. I then went to ICU where I felt a little more in my element. I enjoyed the code team, the adrenaline rush when I had the opportunity to do chest compressions or push medications that could save the person's life. I liked being able to catch something that I normally would not have been able to catch out on the med-surg floor because our nurse to patent ratio was much smaller. One thing I did not like about the ICU floor was that I am a smaller girl and my patients were usually much larger and obese. It was killing my back pulling and tugging on these patients who could not do anything for themselves. I was becoming bitter so I left the ICU.

I then transferred to the NICU. I figured it would be better since my back is already shot be now. I like the unit to a certain degree, but I must say that now I am a little bored. This unit was not what I thought it would be and the nurses on this floor are so up tight that I can't even breath. I am not a new nurse, but I, of course, am new to the unit. They don't like new people on this floor is what I was told. They are extremely short-staffed as well so we normally all have more patients than we should.

I also must say this. I am NOT a people person. I do not like dealing with people. I feel like I need a job where I am not surrounded by the patient's family all hours of my shift. I thought about forensic nursing, but I don't even know how to get started. I also have to make enough money (at least what I make now) in order to pay my bills. I thought about travel nursing, but I'm a little hesitant.

I'm open to all suggestions and comments. Thank you!

Start looking. Start looking on employment websites for positions that might interest you. Eventually the right job just might be there, waiting for you to apply for it. Good luck.

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Well...loving work is a fallacy. Find what you can tolerate and stick it out. There is a reason it is called work and they pay us for it.

No family around in Correctional Nursing LOL or the Operating Room...how about Pacu? Cath Lab?


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