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Help- I Don't Get Call Backs After Interviews

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by Nurse Beth Nurse Beth, MSN (Advice Column) Writer Innovator Expert

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I got called for an interview, but none offered or called back that I got hired. My nursing experience is mostly home health. But I had been worked as prn to some hospital and nursing home, through an agency.

It seems employers does not give much weight if you worked at an agency. How do I mentioned my worked experienced to hospital without mentioning its through my agency employment? Also, I'm not really articulate in expressing my duties, positions. My resume looked good, I had it done by my daughter. Pls. advice me on how to be expressive, or saying the right word during job interview.

Dear No Call Backs,

Your resume is landing you interviews, so it's effective.

The problem is you are not "closing the deal" in your interviews. Why do I use a sales analogy? Because you are selling. Yourself.

It is not a time to be self-effacing, overly nervous or quiet. The purpose of an interview is to land the job. 

Project Confidence

You have to project a positive energy and self-confidence.

Smile broadly, shake hands, make eye contact. Sit up straight. Have some questions prepared to ask them so you are not entirely passive.

Be Prepared

Prepare (meaning rehearse) for the anticipated interview questions. Are you prepared to answer "What's your greatest weakness?". You do not want to say "I don't know" (unprepared) or "I'm a perfectionist" (cliche). You do want to share a genuine weakness or area of growth, and immediately segue it into a positive.

Here's an example :

   English is not my first language and I am currently striving to learn idioms to communicate     better. For instance, when my previous manager said I was "on the ball" I learned it doesn't    have anything to do with an actual ball ! (inject humor).  I read the newspaper every day     and  am attending an English as second  language course.

What you must do is anticipate the most commonly asked questions, and prepare answers that promote yourself and show you are articulate.

I strongly suggest you check out my interviewing skills book below. It gives you the questions you will be asked, and examples of responses hiring managers are looking for, plus insider tips to nailing your interview. 

You can do this! Practice with your daughter, good luck.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!

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