Help :-( How to study for nclex pn? Really nervous!


  1. What material BEST prepared you for the nclex-pn?

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I graduated in April but didnt get my approval letter till Aug-Sept. and I've rescheduled my test a few times already because I felt like I wasn't ready and read and heard too many horror stories about the difficulty of this test. BUT I have comitted to a test in October, around 20 days from now. I own the following material:

Saunders 4th edition- Read 1/3 rd and did a few questions on the cd

Kaplan nclex pn stategies practice and review- Finishing this book today- good testing tips

Priority and delegation by lacharty- Will read

Exam cram 3rd ed. ebook- Went through a few chps but dont like it so much

Lipincott nclexpn ed 9- Ive done 4 sections and the questions and rationales are great

Ati +books- own it from school, watched a video and will utilize the pharm book

Soooo with all my material I am just not which one will prepare me best. I hate SATA. This is my first time taking the test. I really need and want to pass my first try. I def. need to refresh on my material. Any help and suggestions? What worked for you?


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do everything as much as you can without exhausting yourself. answer as many questions as you can and be sure to read the rationale. READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RATIONALE. EVERYDAY till your exam day.