Help!! How to pay for tuition and living expenses?


So, I just got accepted in the local LPN - ADN program. I am looking for financial assistance for tuition and living expenses as I understand that this is a full-time program with a very unpredictable schedule and will be unable to work from August until graduation in May. This is especially difficult for me since I live alone.

I have completed my Fafsa but do not qualify for the Pell Grant. I will turn in an application for the Federal Stafford loan, however, the maximum amount I may get approved for is $10,500 which will just cover the cost of the tuition. I do not qualify for the HRSA Grant (and all other grants I've seen) since my income was too high last year. I am unable to get Private Student loans because this program is at a junior college instead of a four-year university.

The only options that I see right now are to either work full time overnight and go to school during the day or to use credit cards or personal loans (at 12% interest) to pay for living expenses.

Are there any other opportunities for a student like me?


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I guess I don't understand the you can get a private student loan because its a junior college? I have never heard that, private loans cover vocational schools so why not that? I would not do the credit card, that is just asking for trouble. Can you move back in with mom and dad? Cut out extras like cable, Internet, all frivolous shopping? I would work at night part time which should be doable if its just you (meaning no kids) or you could borrow a loan from a family member. There are 18 month interest free credit cards but I think putting anything on a credit card is a bad idea

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Lets my full time LVN program here are examples of what people have done to survive:

work over night full time in medical settings

work 2 part time jobs on weekends in unrelated fields

have husbands or wives who support them

receive welfare and/or food stamps

live with whomever they can for cheap - rent rooms, etc.

live with spouses

get a fat tax refund or take out a supplemental loan - still not enough to live off of, but it helps.

live with parents