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Hey guys,

I’m an experienced RN-BSN nurse with about 10 years of experience. I am a hospice nurse, mainly seeing patients who live at home or with family. I received a letter from the BON regarding an investigation for “unethical conduct” in April of this year, I immediately called a nurse attorney who instructed me not to speak with the BON investigator.
Long story short-I had a patient who’s daughter was very anxious, and also the primary caregiver of my patient. She was constantly changing her mind about the plan of care/ medications she wanted or didn’t want for her mother. Anyway I just got a letter today that the BON is pursing my RN license for med diversion! Apparently this daughter has reported that I removed medications from the home. I have never diverted meds, nor do I have any history alcohol or drug abuse. Has anyone been in similar circumstances and faced the BON? I’m freaked out!


It absolutely was the most humiliating and defeating accusation to deal with. I fought the board for an entire year to have the charges dropped, they wanted to suspend my license and place me on a monitored probation- for diversion that never happened. I spent $3,800 on a nursing attorney who finally got it down to a “reprimand” on my RN license for something I never did, but the board was threatening to up the charges again if I didn’t accept the reprimand. The nursing board is the judge and jury, it’s disgusting. 

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I am so sorry this happened to you. I have seriously thought of getting my law degree to help nurses with this miscarriage of justice. Instead, I am going to start collecting peoples stories and I'm going to write a book.

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This is the only instance I am aware of where you are considered guilty then have to prove your innocence. Can you pm me?

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