Help me with HESI Info Please??


I'm all in a mess of a situation and I'm trusting that God is just going to point me in the right direction and all the rest of the crap is going to fall away. My current school requires the TEAS, and I purchased the entire she-bang for that - online tests, book - to the tune of $200ish. Well..... long story short I'm looking at another school that requires the HESI. I was going to try to take it by Friday so I could apply by Monday but even I'm not quite that crazy. So while trying to get my ducks in a row, I found the site to sort of register for the HESI. I created an account and figured out where to go to sign up for an exam, but it looks like I need some sort of ID number and its required to continue. Do I have to sign up for the HESI through a school and not independently? Also - there was an article here on all nurses that said they used UWorld to study for the HESI exit exam. Is the A2 and the Exit exam the same? Did they use UWorld NClex materials to study for the HESI? What materials do you use to study for the HESI (and apparently I have to take a bunch of sections - maybe all of them - science, math, english, etc).

Can someone put this into a little better organization for me? Were they using UWORLD to study for the NCLEX and that is very similar for the HESI? Can I use all this material for the TEAS I have and take a couple practice tests for the HESI? Do I need to sign up for a course straight through a school? Is there something I can purchase HESI specific to study?

Normally I get things - but this seems so very confusing. Thanks so much!!!


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I can't help you much on the actual logistics of how to sign up for the exam since I've only taken the TEAS, but there are a couple of different HESI exams. The Admission Assessment (A2) HESI is not the exit HESI. The exit HESI is used at the end of a nursing program. So those people were most likely using UWorld for their final exam of nursing school before they took the NCLEX.

I've read that the HESI A2 is like the TEAS but easier. I've heard of a few people who had to take both studying mostly for the TEAS and just getting a gist of what the HESI was like before taking it.

Otherwise, some of these questions could probably be answered by the nursing program that requires the HESI. See if they need you to sign up in a certain way so that they get your scores, etc.

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I've actually left a voice mail for the assistant in the program to hopefully set up a meeting to help me clear up some things that are pretty muddy right now. You actually cleared up a few things for me too!! Since the HESI Exit is different - they probably were using the NCLEX materials from UWorld - it would make sense to study for both of those at the same time. I also read another post on here where it said that TEAS materials could be used for the HESI so your comment helps validate that for me as well. I'm at least a lot more confident opening this package of TEAS stuff to start studying. I need to apply by August, so I'm going to figure out how to fit study time in between semesters. I'm in A&P1 now and I'm taking A&P2 and Micro in the short summer semester. I feel like I never move from this chair!!! I need a treadmill desk!!! Thank you so much for the help.

Pocketprep app is a great source to study for the hesi, its about ten bucks. The teas and the hesi are closely aligned. However, pay close attention to the subjects at hand for your particular school. My school includes vocabulary, chemistry, and biology (not AP), but the teas did not.


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If the school you'd like to apply to offers the HESI as an on campus test take it there. If not, you can go to a testing center, like Prometrics, to take the HESI , or you can take it at another community college or university that offers it to the public. If you go to a testing center be sure to request that your HESI transcript be sent to the school of your choice. You must contact HESI to do this it will cost about $15. I made the mistake of thinking my scores were going to my school of choice, but they went to the school where I tested which resulted in my school of choice rejecting my application because they didn't get my scores.


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I took the Hesi A2 entrance exam twice. It is much easier than the TEAS, but you still have to study. The Hesi is straightforward, just be calm. I used grammar book online for grammar and ready for the Hesi for A&P . On my first try I had a lot of mix fractions,

so study the hesi book that will help you a lot, on my 2nd try I had a lot of percentages and word problems

not bad, just basic. English is not my first language so I had to take my time with reading, vocabulary, read the Hesi book it helped me a lot

for the first try.

Hope it helps.