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Hello. I'm in my first semester of medical surgical nursing, and I'm having a problem with my first care plan. Here is a little about my patient:

Admitted for: Hematuria with a history of kidney stones. He's on continuous irrigation via a urinary foley catheter. He did complain of onset pain and was prescribed morphine for his pain. He mentioned that his dad has a history of kidney stones, and the doctor wasn't able to tell him the cause, just that maybe its hereditary. He doesn't know much about it.

With that being said, i was thinking about using altered urinary elimination as one of the two diagnosis' i have to have. I'm just not sure as to how I should word it. I was thinking, altered urinary elimination related to urinary catheter insertion, as manifested by ????. I have no clue. I'm so lost. :confused: The other one I was wanting to use was acute pain related to kidney stones as manifested by patient's verbilization of pain near his scrotum. OR Knowledge deficit related to causes of his kidney stones. Can anyone help me out? Or point me in the right direction? thank a bunch!!!!:)

using Nanda diagnosis, you cannot use a medical condition as a cause, how about pain from the passage of kidney stone through the urinary tract.

another good one will be writing your care plan on infection ( Urinary Tract infection)

if you are going to do altered urinary elimination, your cause would be derived from the reason catheter was inserted, e.g urinary retention, pain passing urine, manifested by blood in urine.

something like that hope it helps

i would suggest getting a nurses pocket guide. it helps me with my concept maps Nurses Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales (Nurses Pocket Guide) (9780803622340): Marilynn E. Doenges: Books

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Aside from the acute pain one, I might try: deficient knowledge r/t fluid requirements and dietary restrictions aeb... what have you.

There's more to work with for Pain and deficient knowledge over altered urinary elimination one this one.

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