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HELP!!!! Graduated December 09.....Taking NCLEX for 2nd time! HELP!!!!


Hi folks!

Okay...I know there has got to be people out there like me who haven't taken the exam in over 2 years! I graduated in December 09, took the NCLEX a month later and failed. Then I got a high paying job in research (obviously not as a nurse) and kept putting the NCLEX exam off, before I knew it....one year....two years had already passed! So much time has passed I don't even know where to begin studying or what to study. Can anyone out there help me with what NCLEX is looking for these days and what I should study??? I am willing to put in the time, I just have no idea what to study these days!!

HELP!!!!! Please e=mail me at curlydewd73@yahoo.com

Thank you so much!!!


Nclex is testing you for basic knowledge about everything you learned in school. How safe you are while treating your patient. I know it must be difficult for you to know where to start, but my suggestion is start with saunders comprehensive book. Take questions after each section and see how you score, if you get above 70% then you have good knowledge about the subject, if not then review the section. But since you had huge gap this will be the best way to review content, once content review is done you can start doing questions. Hope it helps

Agree with MSHA. I recommend Hurst review for content and Kaplan for question practice and ofcourse LaCharity PDA book.