HELP!!! Got sick and fell behind...advice?

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Something has been trying to kick my rear end for a month now. Well, for the last week it finally caught up with me, to the point where I've been spiking some REALLLLLLLLLY high fevers. I decided getting some decent rest this weekend and well, NURSE myself, rather than study, study, study and I feel sunk now. Does anyone have any tips to actually getting caught up? (Aside from staying off the internet? I have seriously gotten over my FB addiction since school started. :D)

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Borrow notes from a classmate if possible if you missed lecture. If you can't borrow notes, review what you can (powerpoints, readings) and then make an appointment with your lecturer and go over what you don't understand.

Let me tell you a trick I have for studying. I study with my laptop in front of me (not always a good thing as I get sidetracked as I am right now, lol) so I can use it for reference. Whenever I come across something that I am unsure of, I employ the use of Google. You can find many assessment techniques and medical procedures on Youtube for a visualization. Mayo Clinic has great simplified and elaborate information about common conditions and diseases - and they are a trustworthy online source. Your school may have journal access as well, but if not, PubMed can provide some scholarly resources. Overall, I find that the majority of the time, I am well-versed enough in whatever I am searching for to differentiate between a good and bad source.

If you missed clinical, make plans with your clinical instructor ASAP to make it up however you need to and approach him/her about it first. It shows initiative.

Biggest piece of advice - start NOW. Maybe not right this second. But get your head back into the game. Missing a week of classes can tank you more than you realize (and I unfortunately know from experience).

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